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Jack Russell Terrier and Irish Wolfhound playing

Jack Russell Terrier and Irish Wolfhound playing

Jack Russell Terrier \

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Dog Breeds - Irish Wolfhound. Dogs 101 Animal Planet



Tom Fisher is a breeder and fancier of the Irish Wolfhound. Tom, a professional dog trainer gives great insight into the history, mindset, and personality of the ...

Irish Wolfhound - Top 10 Interesting Facts

The Irish Wolfhound dog breed was originally used in war to drag men off horses and chariots. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Irish Wolfhound.

Irish Wolfhound Funny Moments #103

Irish Wolfhound Funny Moments #103 #Dogs #Dog #FunnyDogs #FunnyDog #Animals #IrishWolfhound #DogsAreAwesome ▻ Subscribe to ...

Battle Of Titans: Irish Wolfhound vs. Great Dane

Connor the Irish Wolfhound videos are posted so that you can follow Connor's growth from 1.4 pounds at birth to a full grown gentle giant. This morning Connor ...

The world's biggest dog! Irish Wolfhound

Everyone, come take a look at the size of this bowl XD.

Irish Wolfhound I Extra Large Dog I Training I

TODAY enjoy watching TDS channel and have a great day. TELL US YOUR OPINION WHICH DOG BREED IS THE BEST FOR YOU? Vote TODAY ...

Irish Wolfhound Shelby has 9 pups

First of 2 videos of the pups growing up. And look out for more Shelby videos. The pups will be having their first birthday party today (25 Mar 2018) 720 50p.

Liam the singing Irish Wolfhound

the love of owning a singing Irish Wolfhound.

Breed All About It - Irish Wolf Hound

The Irish Wolfhound is best known for bringing down wolves in its homeland several centuries ago. The breed was so successful at the task, wolves are...


The Irish Wolfhound has a legacy as a dog of war and hunting dog. This massive breed is the tallest dog in the canine world, When standing on their hind legs ...

Dogs 101 - IRISH WOLFHOUND - Top Dog Facts About the IRISH WOLFHOUND

Check out More at BrooklynsCorner.com Dogs 101 - IRISH WOLFHOUND - Top Dog Facts About the IRISH WOLFHOUND The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of ...

A Happy Wolfhound

This is Daddy's special boy, Merlin! Such a happy 6.5 yr old Irish Wolfhound, who still behaves like a puppy at times. Such a lovely, funny boy!

15 Irish Wolfhound puppies mob owner!

These 6 week old Irish Wolfhound / Boerboel puppies were TOO much fun to raise!

Airport Greeting by Irish Wolfhound

Dog in Airport.

Garret´s 6. Geburtstag - Irish Wolfhound in Feierlaune

Ein Grund zum Feiern - unser IW Garret aus dem Hause \

The Irish Wolfhound is a Giant Sized Breed

12 Things You Didn't Know About Irish Wolfhound One of the largest dog species known, the Irish wolfhound can reach the size of a small horse.

Irish wolfhound vs red nose pitbull


Irish Wolfhound \

1 1/2 yr old Irish Wolfhound and sister Brydie 1 3/4 yr old Both are gentle giants.

Irish Wolfhound Shelby has 9 pups part 2 of 2

Some more video of the wolfhound pups from 9 weeks until 14 weeks when they are all gone except the Silver girl. 1080p50.

Great Dane Wrestles Connor the Irish Wolfhound

Connor the Irish Wolfhound is up to 145 pounds at 8.5 months and still growing. I think he must have eaten some of Jack's magic beans! These videos are being ...

Coursing with Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound


Irish Wolfhound vs Great Dane - Comparsion - Which One is Bigger?

Great Dane vs Irish Wolfhound. So you want to get giant dog breed, but you cant decide which one is the right for you? Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane are ...

Meet Logan the Irish Wolfhound

Logan the Irish Wolfhound just over a year old at Dog shows. He loves meeting new people and dogs. Logan passing his CGN testing, what a good boy.

Getting Grohl Our Irish Wolfhound

Ryan left early on a Friday morning to meet the Irish Wolfhound breeder in Iowa. Grohl and Ryan had to travel almost 5 more hours to get back home.

Puppy Training Check-In!

How to train a puppy! Check out Satchmo the Irish Wolfhound. This video is sponsored by BarkBox! For a FREE EXTRA MONTH of BarkBox, visit ...

Irish Wolfhound Shelby at Tullaghoge ancient monument

Shelby the Irish Wolfhound is back, and so is her daughter Silver. They have stopped off for a bit of a walk and a sniff. Tullaghoge is near Cookstown in Northern ...

L'Irish Wolfhound, chien de rois.

Présentation de l'Irish Wolfhound, une race de chiens qui tenait une place particulière au moyen-âge auprès des rois et des puissants. #medieval1 #histoire ...

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